Liz Phair release a new album on her website

And apparently it’s “weird”:

Below, you can see the tracklist and hear the song “Bollywood”, on which Phair basically raps? As far as I can tell, the song also includes the following things: banjos, tablas, acartoonish record-label-dude voice, and a sample of Phair’s own theme song from the canceled period-piece TV show “Swingtown”. The whole thing concerns Phair’s struggles to stay paid in a dying music business. It’s no “Divorce Song”, but it’s, uh, something.

I used to love Liz Phair when I was 14.  She was my hero!  What the hell happened to her?

My theory was always that she never had a real job before she released Exile in Guyville so she didn’t really know how to get out and actually work for a living.  I know she supposedly had stage fright and hence didn’t tour much in the beginning, but unless you’re Mariah Carey you can’t make music and make a living without touring.

Anyway, this makes me sad.